Are you visiting Athens Greece with your own, or a chartered helicopter?

Do you wish to avoid commotion of tourists in the big airports?

Are you particular about your  beautiful helicopter staying in the blistering sun for days?

In short, you need a low profile, secure, friendly heliport, with excellent facilities and dawn to dusk service!

Athens Heliport, ‘Condor Nest‘, is conveniently located within a half hour from the city of Athens. On top of that, it is minutes away from the north suburbs, Kifissia, Ekali, Dionyssos, where many deluxe hotels, admittedly outside the bustle of central Athens, but with equally great quality, are located. Most of its “out of Greece” customers are passersby, staying in Athens for one or two nights before proceeding to their island destinations. Others, leave their helicopters with us while travelling around Greece with alternate means. Pilots may stay overnight while passengers are delivered to their hotels, for a night of sightings and Athens’s nightlife, while their helis are standing by, hangared, freshly cleaned and refueled.

Services provided are:

  • Ground handling and Support.
  • Refueling (JETA1 and Avgas 100LL).
  • External Power supply.
  • Cleaning and polishing.
  • 24 hour security personnel on the premises.
  • 24 hour camera monitoring.

Amenities provided for passengers and crew:

Cozy dedicated crew rest area and overnight sleeping quarters.

  • WiFi internet access.
  • Taxi service on demand.
  • Customer lounge with TV, coffee, refreshments.
  • Secure car parking.

CONDOR NEST LTD : Afidnes, 30 Km National Road Athens-Lamia www.athensheliport.gr/CondorNest

For more information:  Tel. 24/7: +302295 022423 / FAX: +30 2295 023390

Emergency:  +30 6937 454970 / E-mail: info@athensheliport.gr







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